Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sun Square Jupiter...

today in Kilmore at 6.45pm at 25 degrees of Taurus/25 Degrees of Aquarius.

The Sun in Taurus is a pretty stable and steady influence that plods along quietly. However, it is a powerhouse of energy as a fixed sign that stores energy and then gives it out when needed. The Sun in a general sense can also act as a trigger for some of the longer term energies working in the sky... in this case the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune conjunction happening in Aquarius.

The square aspect is quite powerful and energetic, suggesting that the Sun contacting the conjunction of these three planets will coincide with a period of time where the issues around it will demand attention and perhaps a change in the way we view, understand, and/or handle them. With the beginning of this square starting off with Jupiter it seems that there is something in our lives that is out of hand, or possibly needs to be reigned in... this may have something to do with a person or situation that was around when the Sun was conjunct Jupiter about 3 months ago.

You will need to look at your overall chart to see which areas of life or people will be involved.


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