Monday, May 18, 2009

Sun conjunct Retrograde Mercury...

today in Kilmore at 8.02pm at 27 degrees of Taurus.

With the Sun and Mercury both approaching each other face on it seems that we will have the chance to look at the Mercury issues we have been re-investigating in an 'illuminating' way with the power of the Sun's light shining brightly on them.

Being in a fixed sign, this conjunction can mean that we are being pointed to an area of our lives where we need to be flexible, or perhaps our values need reassessment. As usual, look to your birth chart for more information.

For example, I have this conjunction in my First House (my physical body, relationships, approach to life), the Sun rules Leo which is intercepted in my 3rd House (thinking, local community, siblings), and Mercury rules my 2nd House (values, finances, self-esteem), and 5th & 6th Houses (children, love, health, work). This may be an opportunity to review these areas of my life. At the moment I have a health issue that has returned (Mercury Retrograde ruling the 6th transiting my 1st House). I am also thinking more about how my own actions (1st House) and attitudes (3rd House) affect the quality of the relationships in my life - particulary with my children (1st and 5th).


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