Saturday, May 9, 2009

Full Moon...

in Scorpio (18 degrees and 41 minutes) today in Kilmore at 2.01pm.

As we all know, Scorpio is a pretty intense sign known for strong emotions that are sometimes difficult to understand... having a Full Moon in this sign accentuates this trend and will help to illuminate us all about why we are feeling a certain way. The areas and people represented will depend on your own birth chart.

Jupiter in Aquarius (as well as Neptune and Chiron) squares this Full Moon, forming a T-Square. This to me suggests that the Jupter/Chiron/Neptune conjunction and what it is doing in your natal chart will be especially important for you (and me!), for understanding the energies working during this Full Moon.

Saturn in Virgo is helping to stabilise whatever is happening through the Trine it is making to the Sun and Sextile to the Moon. Whoever or whatever Saturn represents in your chart is where you should be looking for help.


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