Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sun Square Saturn...

today in Kilmore at 5.10am (Sun at 15 degrees of Gemini/Saturn at 15 degrees of Virgo).

Mmmm.... a bit of tension between the need to play (Sun) and the need to work (Saturn)?? The square aspect suggests that there needs to be a change in approach to whatever (or whoever) your Saturn represents in the birth chart. Look to see where Saturn is and which house is ruled by Virgo and Capricorn, as well as where the Sun is travelling through. The square is happening in mutable signs so that suggests that there is an element of flexbility and ability to adapt to the situation at hand.

Squares represent a tense period of time (just look at those pointy bits!), but also the opportunity to do something about your situation. I think the days around this date will be important in learning to handle the longer term energies of the Saturn/Uranus opposition as well, and this period of time is likely to highlight the themes associated with this opposition through the creation of a transiting T-Square.


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