Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mars Square Retrograde Uranus...

starts on August 19 using a 1 degree orb, exact on August 19 in Kilmore at 12.24pm, leaves August 20. Mars at 25 degrees and 45 minutes of Gemini, retrograde Uranus at 25 degrees and 45 minutes of Pisces.

We all are in need of some serious 'earthing' with this energy! Mars travelling through the air sign of Gemini may contribute to the ignition of a volatile, 'electrical' situation... the combination of Mars and Uranus looks as though it will provide the spark that will ignite an unexpected and exciting turning point in the areas represented by your birth chart.

Squares generally represented a period tension, following by a turning point and growth. By looking back to when Mars and Uranus were last together we can get a feeling for what or who came into our lives back then, and what to look for now.

These two planets were last together in the middle of April 2009 at 22 degrees of Pisces. So, by looking at where this conjunction happened you can get an idea of what or who came into your life back then (conjunctions represent something or someone new); and by looking at where the current square is happening in terms of which houses they fall in, you can get a feel for where something needs to change. Also look to see which houses these planets rule (Mars = Aries and Scorpio, Uranus = Aquarius).


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