Monday, August 17, 2009

Mars Trine Retrograde Neptune...

starts on August 17, is exact on August 18 at 11.29am in Kilmore, leaves on August 19. Mars at 25 degrees and 4 minutes of Gemini, retrograde Neptune at 25 degrees and 4 minutes of Aquarius.

Mars and Neptune usually don't mix very well, however, the trine aspect is an aspect that reminds me of a truce! Mars is about 'ego', whilst Neptune hasn't even heard of one let alone owns one.

Both planets are moving through air signs which suggests a mental component of how these energies are being expressed, so, perhaps we have the chance to intellectually understand how to better utilise our drives, passions, and ego. This is likely to be achieved through understanding that a subtle (Neptune) approach is sometimes needed in order to achieve our goals (Mars).

As usual, look to see where Mars and Neptune are travelling in your birth chart in terms of your houses and also to which houses the planets rule: Mars = Aries and Scorpio, Neptune = Pisces.


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