Sunday, August 2, 2009

Venus Opposing Retrogade Pluto...

today in Kilmore at 9.35am. Venus at 1 degree and 4 minutes of Cancer, Retrograde Pluto at 1 degree and 4 minutes of Capricorn.

This is the first aspect Venus makes as it heads into Cancer... what a baptism of fire! Venus is about how we relate and what we value, and this connection to Pluto through the opposition suggests that we are in the process of understanding what this means to us through an intensely emotional development involving another person... perhaps through learning to compromise where our values or relating skills are very different (opposition).

Pluto going backwards suggests that we need to go over old ground in regards to an illogically intense aspect of our life, this planet is associated with having to dig deep and look further than the surface at situations and the relationships in our lives.

Both Venus and Pluto are moving through cardinal signs, which suggest that the people and situations represented by these planets have more power than usual to make the changes necessary to reach a turning point (opposition). By looking back to when and where Venus and Pluto were last conjunct, we can get further information about what is happening around the current opposition. This last conjunction happened at 29 degrees of Sagittiarus around the middle of November 2008, so whatever started or whoever entered our lives around then is likely to be under objective scrutiny now!


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