Saturday, August 22, 2009

Venus Trine Retrograde Uranus...

starts today using a 1 degree orb, is exact on August 23 at 9.31am, leaves August 24. Venus at 25 degrees and 37 minutes of Cancer, retrograde Uranus at 25 degrees and 37 minutes of Pisces.

Venus has a particularly gentle feel as it moves through the watery sign of Cancer, so the way we relate to others may be more emotionally based than usual. The trine to Uranus (planet of eccentricity and electricity) suggests that if there have been barriers to connecting with the Uranian aspects of your life or people represented by this symbol in your birth chart, that these will be removed now. Trines tend to remove barriers to successful connection of two energies.

Because Uranus is involved, this may happen suddenly or in an usual way. As usual, look to where this transit is happening in your birth chart and to which houses are ruled by the two planets: Venus = Taurus and Libra, Uranus = Aquarius.


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