Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mercury Square Jupiter...

starts on November 8, is exact on November 9 at 1.42am in Kilmore, leaves on November 9.  Mercury at 18 degrees and 18 minutes of Scorpio, Jupiter at 18 degrees and 18 minutes of Aquarius.

Mercury, the planet of communication and connection with the world around us in contact with Jupiter, the planet of the 'big picture', learning and meaning suggests the potential for finally understanding a situation that has eluded us all.

However, the square aspect suggests that the information (Mercury) we are taking in may not gel with the big picture (Jupiter)... perhaps this is because we are taking in the data at an instinctual, feeling level (Scorpio), rather than using our heads (Mercury)!  Both planets in fixed signs also suggest that maybe we need to be more flexible and open to change within the situations and relationships that are represented by these planets in your own birth chart.

For example, if you had Mercury traveling through your 7th House and Jupiter in your 10th house, this transit could mean that your partner or another person around you (7th House) may be a bit fickle (Mercury) and not thinking logically but emotionally (Scorpio) and be finding it difficult to change (fixed sign).  Jupiter in your 10th may suggest an opportunity to move forwards at work, or in your relationship with an authority figure like your boss or a parent... the big picture is looking good!  However, the square relationship between the two planets suggests that the other person has some say in whether or not you take hold of this opportunity, and their lack of flexibility due to emotional thinnking (Mercury in Scorpio), may create tension (square); however this tension is likely to be a positive development since it will help you identify what the 'issue' is, and then help you reach a turning point (square) with it!


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