Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Venus Square Mars...

starts on November 18, is exact on November 19 at 7.22pm in Kilmore, leaves on November 20.  Venus at 14 degrees and 12 minutes of Scorpio, Mars at 14 degrees and 12 minutes of Leo.

Venus in Scorpio is an intensely emotional position for the light-hearted Venus, the planet associated with our ability to relate to those around us suggesting that we are all a little more complicated in our dealings with others than usual.  By looking to see which house Venus is travelling through and rules (Taurus and Libra), you can get an idea of what, or who is likely to be more compex than usual as well.

Mars is going to be travelling through Leo for an extraordinarily long time so suggests that whatever or whoever is represented by Mars will be here to stay for some time (especially being in a fixed sign).

The square between the two suggests a sense of tension as the people and situations represented by the two energies seem to be digging their heels in!  The realisation that this process is happening is one step towards resolution... 


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