Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sun Square Neptune...

starts on November 15, is exact on November 16 at 10.11am in Kilmore, leaves on November 17.  Sun at 23 degrees and 43 minutes of Scorpio, Neptune at 23 degrees and 43 minutes of Aquarius.

The Sun tends to highlight what is going on in the sky... just like it illuminates it when it rises, it also illuminates the energies working in our lives.

Neptune is associated with artistic and psychic themes, as well as spirituality and lack of ego.  It is also associated with lack of boundaries and is known for coinciding with periods of time when situations become 'foggy'!

The connection of these two planets through the stressful square aspect brings to mind a beam of light hitting fog... try as we might, by focussing too much it looks as though we are all likely to make this less clear!

This may be a time to try a different approach to the themes and people represented by this aspect according to where it is falling in your birth chart.


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