Thursday, November 26, 2009

Venus Square Neptune...

starts on November 26 (using a 1 degree orb), is exact on November 27 at 11.15am in Kilmore, leaves on November 28.  Venus at 23 degrees and 49 minutes of Scorpio, Neptune at 23 degrees and 49 minutes of Aquarius.

Venus, the planet of love, relating and our values is travelling through Scorpio... giving these areas of our life an emotionally fixed feel to them. 

Neptune is also travelling through a fixed sign, and is associated with an emotional approach to situations. 

The square between these two planets suggests a sense of tension between the areas of life and/or people represented by Venus and Neptune in your birth chart.  Neptune tends to make situations confusing and hard to read, especially in this case where a lot of watery energy is involved: so our head and our hearts may be at odds with other now, creating confusion.

Look to see which houses are involved, as usual, to get an idea of where or who we need to look at objectively or perhaps leave judgement for after this transit!


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