Monday, November 2, 2009

Venus Trine Retrograde Neptune...

starts on November 2 (using a 1 degree orb), is exact on November 3 in Kilmore at 10.21am, leaves on November 4.  Venus at 23 degrees and 41 minutes of Libra, retrograde Neptune at 23 degrees and 41 minutes of Aquarius.

Venus, the planet associated with relating to others and our values and also enjoyment, connecting with the planet of bliss, escapism and 'other worldly' beauty suggests a very soft, emotional and 'fuzzy love' time!  However, keep in mind that this connection will be in airy signs so there will be a mental element of understanding of what is going on.

The trine energy is a flowing one that suggests that the people and situations represented by these energies in your birth chart should get on well, or work together to remove a blockage that was previously a problem that now seems to move effortlessly away from you!

As usual, look to where this aspect is happening in your birth chart by house and which houses are ruled by Venus (those with Taurus/Libra on or in them), and Neptune (Pisces).


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