Monday, May 31, 2010

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus...

starts on May 31 (using a 1 degree orb), is exact on June 8 at 9.27pm in Kilmore, leaves on June 18.  Jupiter and Uranus both at 0 degrees and 17 minutes of Aries.

If you haven't seen any action yet in terms of Uranus, then this conjunction is likely to see the first bolts of lightning hit us all!

Jupiter tends to magnify whatever it touches so having it connect through a conjunction, and in the fiery and impulsive sign of Aries seems to be a bit like having an open can of petrol sitting next to an angle-grinder throwing off sparks just to see what happens (and throwing a lit match into the mixture)!

Depending on your own birth chart you may experience sudden changes, opportunities, news, etc... or you could experience this energy through another person in your life.  Regardless of how this energy comes to you, just fasten your seatbelt for a roller coaster ride!

As usual you can look to see where this conjunction  falls in your birth chart (and which houses are ruled by Jupiter - ones with Sagittairus or Pisces on the cusp; and Uranus - one with Aquarius on the cusp, to get a feel for what or who may be putting your life into warp speed!

If you have personal planets or points in Aries then you are likely to be especially sensitive to this energy.


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