Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jupiter Opposing Retrograde Saturn...

starts on May 18 (using a 1 degree orb), is exact on May 23 at 3.36pm in Kilmore, leaves on May 29.  Jupiter at 27 degrees and 52 minutes of Pisces, retrograde Saturn at 27 degrees and 52 minutes of Virgo.

Wow, what a combination!  Jupiter the planet of expansion, good times and growth at loggerheads with Saturn, the planet associated with 'shrinking', responsibility and slowing down... what can this mean?

The opposition is usually an aspect associated with reaching a major turning point in the areas and relationships represented by the planets involved.  This relates particularly to a matter that began when the two planets were last conjunct (in this case Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct way back in May 2000 at about 20/21 degrees of  Taurus).  For many people this would have been a very stressful time as we all wrestled with what goes (Saturn) and what stays (Jupiter).

So, this is a period of looking back to what was going on back in May 2000 and seeing what we have learnt (or haven't!) from the experiences around us then.  This is our opportunity to either continue on the same path if it is proving successful, or for moving in another direction in order to improve the situation.  This is where the tension arises... where do we go forward (Jupiter), and where do we cut back (Saturn)?

By looking to the symbolism of each planet within your own birth chart, you may get some clues.  For example, but looking at which house Saturn is in and which houses are ruled by him (ones with Capricorn or Aquarius on the cusp), you can get a feel where you may need to wind things down a bit or restructure them: just be careful not to cut out too much.   The house with Jupiter in it and the houses it rules (ones with Sagittarius or Pisces on the cusp), are the areas where you are more likely to need to move forward, as long as you don't overdo things!

If you have personal planets or points in Virgo and/or Pisces then you are likely to be especially sensitive to these themes.


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