Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sun Trine Retrograde Saturn...

starts on May 18 (using a 1 degree orb), is exact on May 19 at 10.27am in Kilmore, leaves on May 20.  Sun at 27 degrees and 56 minutes of Taurus, retrograde Saturn at 27 degrees and 56 minutes of Virgo.

Retrograde Saturn is just about sitting still, in preparation for turning around and moving direct later this month.  Symbolically, this stoppage suggests that the situations and people represented by Saturn are at a standstill or may seem as though they are not making any progress or changes at all.  Hang in there though, it's as though whatever or whoever is involved is in the act of processing recent developments, and preparing to turn around and move forward again.

The Sun illuminates whatever it touches, and the trine to Saturn suggests that we have the opportunity to see what is happening now and to understand it a little better without our ego concerns getting the better of us.  This trine can also mean that the people and situations represented by the Sun will work well with the ones represented by Saturn.  Look to see where this trine is happening to get a feel, and also look to see which houses are ruled by the Sun (one with Leo on the cusp), and Saturn (ones with Capricorn or Aquarius on the cusp), to get a feel for what and/or who may be involved.

If you have personal planets and/or points in Taurus or Virgo then this transit is likely to be especially important to you.


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