Monday, May 3, 2010

Sun Square Mars...

starts on May 3 (using a 1 degree orb), is exact on May 4 at 11.09pm in Kilmore, leaves on May 6.  Sun at 13 degrees and 58 minutes of Taurus, Mars at 13 degrees and 58 minutes of Leo.

Oh boy, what a combination... both the Sun and Mars represent ego energies and the square aspect suggests that egos will be clashing during this time!  This is particularly potent since both are in stubborn fixed signs so it seem that something or someone in our lives will be digging their heels in extra deep!

On top of this we have Mercury currently retrograde... yep, in stubborn old Taurus as well.  I think this is important for the current Sun/Mars aspect because it will make it easier to jump to conclusions though not taking in information correctly (or being told part of a story), and then getting our egos out of joint.

I feel a positive way to use the current energy is to take your time in making a move, keep an open mind, and question the motives of people who try to push a certain scenario that doesn't gel well with you.

As usual it is important to check where this transit is happening in order to get a feel for what or who may be at odds.  Also look to see which houses are ruled by the Sun (ones with Leo on or in them), and Mars (ones with Aries and/or Scorpio).  If you have personal planets or points in Taurus and/or Leo then this transit is likely to be particularly important for you and represents a cross-road being reached.


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