Friday, May 14, 2010

New Moon in Taurus...

today in Kilmore at 11.04am.  New Moon at 23 degrees and 9 minutes of Taurus.

Taurus seems to be more accented than usual right now, with the recent forward motion of Mercury in this sign, and now a New Moon, and chance for a fresh start in the areas and relationships represented by this sign in your chart.  Mars is also squaring this sign right now, further energising our Taurus stuff into action!

The New Moon period is an important one for making a fresh start in the areas and relationships represented by the house in which the lunation falls.  The square to Neptune suggests that we will need to be careful of confusion or even deception, whilst the trine to retrograde Saturn suggests help in stabilising this new start.... if you are unsure of how to deal with Neptune situations/people as represented in your birth chart, I would look to Saturn for a dose of reality and a bit of structure.  As mentioned earlier, Mars is squaring this lunation, a very energetic combination, suggesting that there may be an ego clash (or two!) that will need to be handled carefully.

If you have personal planets or points in Taurus then this is likely to be a powerful opportunity for you to make a fresh start in your life.  The recent frustrations represents by Mercury retrograde and also Mars squaring Taurus stuff are almost over, and this New Moon is likely to be just the thing you need!


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