Friday, January 1, 2010

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse...

today in Kilmore at 6.13am at 10 degrees and 14 minutes of Cancer.  Eclipse path and technical data can be found here.

Wow, intense times - again!  You can see in the chart that this lunation includes the involvement of Venus and Pluto; and also Mercury retrograde with a very wide orb.  Saturn squares this lunation.

The period around a Full Moon is usually one of illumination and being able to view situations affected by it more objectively than usual... the eclipse further accentuates this.  For example, when there is no Full Moon imagine a dark room... the Full Moon is like putting on a 60 watt light and illuminating the room we are in... the eclipse is like switching on a 1000 watt globe for a second or two.  Obviously you would be temporarily blinded, but still get a powerful glimpse of what is really going on in that room you are in.  The contrasts would be harsh but obvious!

The room you are in could be likened to which houses are being affected by this lunar eclipse.  Look to see where it is falling to get an idea of where illumination is likely to occur.  There is a fair amount of debate regarding how long the eclipse affects us for.  Personally I think the effects are around for about a month either side of it, and also when the Sun or Mars travels through the same sign as the eclipses over the coming year.

This lunation/eclipse is likely to clearly show us where we need to change something (Saturn/Pluto square), and also who or what is supporting us (the involvement of Venus).


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