Friday, January 22, 2010

Venus Trine Saturn...

starts on January 24 (using a 1 degree orb), is exact on January 25 at 2.37am in Kilmore, leaves on January 26.  Venus at 4 degrees and 35 minutes of Aquarius, Saturn at 4 degrees and 35 minutes of Libra.

Ahhh... having this aspect is great, and offers a bit of respite and peace after all the more dynamic energies we have all been experiencing.

Venus, the planet of relating, pleasure and our 'valuables', connecting with the stabilising Saturn suggests that the people and situations represented by Lady Luck will have a temporary respite from any difficulties being experienced and also a short period of progress where barriers are likely to be removed, allowing some Saturnian work to be achieved.

As usual, look to see which houses Venus and Saturn are in to get a feel for where you are likely to get people working well together, or areas of life working smoothly: as well as which houses are ruled by these two planets.

If you have personal planets in Aquarius or Libra, then this energy may be especially important for you.


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