Friday, January 29, 2010

Sun Opposing Retrograde Mars...

starts on January 29 (using a 1 degree orb), is exact on January 30 at 6.43am in Kilmore, leaves on January 30.  Sun at 9 degrees and 47 minutes of Aquarius, retrograde Mars at 9 degrees and 47 minutes of Leo.

Both the Sun and Mars are known for their association with 'ego' and for turning up the heat (so to speak) on whatever they touch in the birth chart.  The combination of these planets via the opposition isn't the easiest to deal with, especially since Mars is in such a bad way being in stubborn Leo and retrograde: this suggests that people and situations represented by Mars in your life are likely to be at a low point and be sensitive to threats to their ego and be trying to hold on (fixed sign) to the way things were.

The Sun hitting on the sensitive Mars right now seems to be putting a spotlight on whatever is bothering the retrograde Mars: this can mean that Mars will be willing to look at what is being highlighted so that something can be done about the situation, or they may be too blinded by the (sun)light to see past it.

However, even though the opposition can mean someone or something is opposing us, through this conflict we all have the opportunity to become more aware by looking at the crux of the matter, or we can chose to be 'blinded' by our own ego issues.

As usual, look to see where this opposition is falling in your birth chart to get an idea of where it may be experienced... also look to see which houses are ruled by Venus and Mars!  If you have personal planets or points in Aquarius and/or Leo then you are likely to feel this energy as being especially strong.


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