Monday, January 18, 2010

Mary MacKillop...

On the first Monday of each month I run a discussion group for astrology enthusiasts and on the day we usually have a mystery chart to discuss.

At the last meeting we had a look at the chart of Mary MacKillop: when I was researching her birth details I was expecting a nice dose of Neptune, a strong 12th house, or strong Pisces signature or something else along those lines and although I don't have a birth time to check house positions, a solar chart usually points these trends out nicely.

HOWEVER.... as you can see by her chart, I got a very different picture of this woman who is likely to become Australia's first saint.

The information I found for this woman is at the Australian Dictionary of Biography and this newspaper article.  The chart in this blog is a based on the Solar Sign and is set for midday in Melbourne, Australia.

When I drew the chart up I definitely did NOT expect a huge stellium in Capricorn!  However, there is that Moon in Pisces, but it is conjunct the fiery Mars and in the same sign as the eccentric Uranus.  Pluto is also squaring by sign the huge Capricorn stellium!

From what I could gather from this woman's biography it seems that she did personify the qualities in the chart... she was the first member of 'The Sisters of St Joseph and the Sacred Heart' where she lived in poverty and educated poor children... the poverty bit reminds me of the Capricorn stellium, and working with children links in with Mary's Chiron in Cancer that opposes her Capricorn stellium and is a stand out planet in the chart.

Her difficulties with people in authority and power struggles is hinted at with not only the powerful Pluto squaring her Capricorn stellium, but also the Moon conjunct Mars in Pisces... fighting spiritual wars!  Although Uranus is far away from this conjunction I still feel that since it is in the same sign as the Moon and Mars that it does add a bit more rebelliousness to her character.

Anyway, I'll let you have a look for yourself and see what you think!


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