Monday, January 18, 2010

Jupiter enters Pisces...

today in Kilmore at 1.10pm.

This mighty planet moving from Aquarius where it has been since the middle of January 2009, into Pisces is a major change in the heavens... especially since it likes being in Pisces.

So, Jupiter moves into Pisces today and will be in this sign until June 6 of this year... which is a VERY quick zip through this sign.  This quick visit suggests that we all have to make the most of the lucky touch of Jupiter while we have the chance to.  However, don't panic if you think you've missed an opportunity - Jupiter will return back to Pisces again on September 9 and will stay until January 23, 2011, giving most of us a second chance!

As usual, look to see where Jupiter is travelling through to get an idea of where you can expect opportunity, growth, lack of boundaries and inspiration, as well as new doors opening up for you and the opportunity to learn.  Also look to see which houses have Sagittiarus and Pisces on them to get a feel for what and who may be involved in these opportunities.


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