Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Venus enters Aquarius...

today in Kilmore at 1.35am.

The move of Venus from the cardinal, earthy sign of Capricorn into the airy and fixed sign of Aquarius suggests that the people and themes represented by this planet in your birth chart are moving onto more solid ground... as solid as an airy sign can be anyway!

There was a recent eclipse that was quite powerful and had a huge focus on Capricorn, which Venus is now moving away from.  Venus was also heavily tied in to the previous eclipse.  This suggests to me that people and situations involved in the eclipse for you will now shift gears, and perhaps we will all the chance to see the benefit or what the eclipse brought to us as this planet changes signs.

As usual, look to see which house she is travellling through to get an idea of where to expect a bit of ease and fun (and also where you may find love if you are looking!), and which houses are ruled by her (ones with Taurus or Libra on or in them) to get a feel for what or who is likely to become more stable and open to communication.

Those of you with with personal planets or points in Aquarius are likely to benefit from having Venus travelling through this sign.


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