Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jupiter goes Direct...

today (October 13... the blog date keeps on mucking up!) in Kilmore at 3.34pm at 17 degrees and 10 minutes of Aquarius.

Yipppeee.... happy days are here again! This is a pretty exciting week with a lot happening in the sky, Jupiter going direct is a positive symbol of the chance to grab hold of the opportunities around us all at the moment.

This planet is about the opportunity to expand your horizons through learning, meeting inspiration people and traveling (usually long distance). It can also represent a teacher/guru figure, or someone involved in the legal, educational and/or foreign fields.

Look to see which house Jupiter is traveling through and which houses are ruled by it (Sagittiarus and Pisces) to see what themes and people may be represented by this planet as it begins to move forward. Remember that it moves really slowly as it begins to move forward again until it gathers a bit of momentum, this will take a few weeks and then it should be moving ahead at its usual good speed!


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