Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mercury Conjunct Saturn...

starts on October 7 (using a 1 degree orb), is exact on October 8 at 5.34pm, leaves on October 9. Mercury and Saturn at 27 degrees and 31 minutes of Virgo.

This is the third and final time Mercury will be connecting with Saturn, suggesting that we can all put a serious matter behind us and make a final, solid, fresh start in a relationship or project that we have been working hard at since Saturn moved into Virgo at the end of 2007.

Mercury is the planet of communication, information, and connection... with others and the world around us. Saturn is about responsibility, long-term situations and karma: the two planets conjunct suggest something or someone new coming into our lives of a serious, or long-term nature. Look to see where this conjunction is happening in your birth chart for an idea of what or who it may be... also look at which houses are ruled by Mercury (Gemini and Virgo) and Saturn (Capricorn and Aquarius).

Being the third time that this aspect is happening suggests that you may have attempted to make this fresh start several times, but something or someone was too unstable to finalise it.

The first time Mercury was conjunct Saturn in this series of conjunctions was on August 18 at 21 degrees and 12 minutes of Virgo. Unfortunately I can't find my post on this first conjunction!

Retrograde Mercury again was conjunct Saturn on September 22 at 25 degrees and 34 minutes of Virgo... my post on this conjuction is here. At least I was able to find that link!


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