Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sun Square Mars...

starts on October 27 using a 1 degree orb, exact on October 28 at 6.56pm in Kilmore, and leaves on October 31.  Sun at 6 degrees and 2 minutes of Scorpio and Mars at 6 degrees and 2 minutes of Leo.

This should be an 'interesting' period of time!  Both of these fiery planets are in fixed signs suggesting a clash (square) of wills (fixed signs).  The Sun is in the intense sign of Scorpio suggesting that there is a deeper emotional element than usual in focus somewhere in our lives, depending on which houses are involved in your personal birth chart, and also perhaps an issue of pride or 'what will people think' (Leo)!

The waning square is often about needing a change in attitude, so by looking at which houses this square falls in and which houses are ruled by the Sun (the one/s with Leo on the cusp), and Mars (the ones with Aries and Scorpio on the cusp) we can get an idea of what and/or who may be digging their heels in or getting their nose out of joint!  Or where we are being stubborn!


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