Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mercury re-enters Libra...

today at 2.46pm in Kilmore.

On August 26, Mercury entered this sign, only to turn back and re-enter Virgo... it's a bit like if you were Mercury going into Libra (another room), only to remember that you had forgotten something in the room you had just left and having to re-enter it to retrieve it, and then go back to the room you were headed for in the first place.

So, Mercury is about how we relate to the world around us and gather/pass on data... moving from analytical Virgo into the relationship-oriented Libra suggests that we are more likely to keep the peace rather than nitpick with the people around us on minor issues. Libra is about any type of relationship, not just ones based on romance, so this is a good time to attend to and think about how we communicate with others.

Libra is also about balance and with Mercury travelling through this sign it suggests that we can achieve this balance through communicating with others clearly, and making minor changes to situations in general.

As usual, look to see which houses are ruled by Mercury to get an idea of what or who may represent these energies for you (as well as where Mercury is travelling). With the ruler of your relevant houses travelling the Libra, it seems that whoever or whatever is represented by this planet in your chart will be more balanced than usual, or will need careful balancing. Mercury will change signs again at the end of the month.


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