Friday, October 30, 2009

Saturn enters Libra...

today in Kilmore at 4.09am.

Some will be breathing a huge sigh of relief while I know some of you will be sitting there thinking.... arrrggghhh!!! Saturn is going to be making my life hell!!

Those of you breathing a sigh of relief and that have found the last couple of years tough may think differently in another six to twelve months as you begin to reap the rewards of the changes that came into your life while Saturn was travellling through Virgo... although I have to say that all of us have had Saturn affecting us in one way or another while travelling through this sign (by at least house position and the symbolism within it). 

As this planet shifts its' focus, we now have to do the same.  The first aspect Saturn in Libra hits is the square to Pluto... a pretty intense and energetic introduction to a change in signs!  I get the feeling that we are all in for a baptism of fire! lol... anyway, this aspect suggests that what needs to change and what we need to focus on will become clear pretty quickly.

My personal experience of Saturn... especially when travelliing through Cancer (I have Mercury, Mars and Sun in this sign) was pretty tough but I really achieved a lot during that time and also learnt a lot that will hold me in good stead for the rest of my life.  I really appreciate that period of time in my life.

Anyway, as usual look to your own birth chart to get a feel for what to work on while Saturn travels through Libra.  Look to see which house has Libra on or in it, and also which houses have Capricorn or Aquarius on or in it to get a feel for what to work on... also any planets that you have in Libra will be strongly influenced by this transit as well as any planets in the other cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer and Capricorn).


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