Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mars Trine Retrograde Uranus...

starts on October 3, is exact on October 5 at 12.37pm, and leaves on October 7. Mars at 23 degrees and 57 minutes of Cancer, retrograde Uranus at 23 degrees and 57 minutes of Pisces.

Don't know what the graphics I've inserted are supposed to be, but I kind of like them anyway.

Mars is about how we go about getting what we want, describes our energy levels and also how we get angry: being in Cancern means we may be a indirect in our approach to reaching for our desires and our energy levels are likely to fluctuate. Sulking is a typical Cancerian way to get angry - lol!

Uranus is sometimes a bit of a rebel and is known for it's association with eccentric behaviour and for being a bit of a maverick. Being retrograde I think just makes this energy even more so!

The trine between Mars and Uranus is an easy relationship, suggesting that there is likely to be a pleasant development and/or unexpected burst of progress with something in our lives. That something is likely to be represented by the various houses in our birth charts where the transit is happening and also that are ruled by Mars (Aries & Scorpio), and Uranus (Aquarius).

If you have personal points/planets in Cancer or Pisces you are likely to particularly benefit from this energy.


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