Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sun Trine Retrograde Uranus...

today in Kilmore at 10.36am. Sun at 26 degrees and 30 minutes of Cancer, Retrograde Uranus at 26 degrees and 30 minutes of Pisces.

The Sun illuminates and accentuates whatever it touches and with the trine influence I get the immediate image of a ray of sunshine coming out through stormy clouds touching on our Uranus themes in the chart and our lives. Uranus is where we dare to be different, stand out, or don't or can't conform. This planet can also represent a person in our lives who has these qualities.

Look to see where these two transiting planets are to get an idea of how these energies may be experienced in your life. For example if you had transiting Sun in your 3rd House trining retrograde Uranus in your 7th House, then you could expect that your eccentric business/marriage partner may be easier to communicate with than usual around this day. Also look to see which houses are ruled by the Sun (Leo) and Uranus (Aquarius) to fill in some more detail.


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