Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mars Square Retrograde Neptune...

today in Kilmore at 3.50pm. Mars at 26 degrees and 6 minutes of Taurus, Retrograde Neptune at 26 degrees and 6 minutes of Aquarius. This aspect started on Sunday 5 July and will end on Wednesday 8 July - using a 1 degree orb.

Mars is about direction, drive, passion and for pursuing what we want in life, while Neptune is about dreams, lack of boundaries, visions, nebulous stuff, spirituality and altruistic pursuits. The square aspects suggests a challenge, crisis and/or turning point in the areas represented by where this aspect is happening in your birth chart.

Mars and Neptune generally don't work very well together because their energies are so different... and the square aspect doesn't help because planets in this aspect tend to antagonise each other.

Knowing this it is important while these planets are in aspect that we keep in the back of our minds the possibility that we may be pushing for something or someone in the wrong way or direction... by looking at your birth chart and the houses involved you will get a better idea of where this energy may manifest.

Another way of getting a better idea of where to expect this energy is by looking back to when these two planets were conjunct, symbolising the start of a mini cycle between these two energies. This happened early in March 2009.

Since this square is happening in fixed signs it is likely that those of you with an emphasis on Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and/or Aquarius will feel this energy combination more than others.


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