Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Venus Square Saturn...

today in Kilmore at 6.05am. Venus at 18 degrees and 20 minutes of Gemini, Saturn at 18 degrees and 20 minutes of Virgo.

Venus and Saturn getting together through this square gives me the feeling of 'are we having fun yet?'. This combination doesn't exactly shout out a feeling of joy and happiness.

However, the square aspects always gives us the chance (and the push we all need sometimes) to reach a turning point.

Venus is about what we value, how we relate to others and is about our relationships and being in Gemini gives us all the opportunity to be flexible and to communicate about these areas of our lives. Saturn gives structure and puts boundaries in place that help us to focus on areas of our lives that need attention... in Virgo, part of this picture may be being practical and paying attention to detail.

In order to get a better picture of what this square may mean for you, look to see where the last conjunction of Venus and Saturn occured (mid August 2008 at 8/9 degrees of Virgo) in order to get a feel for what is being tested now. Whatever began around then is likely to need attention now... also look to see which houses are ruled by these planets (Venus: Taurus and Libra - Saturn: Capricorn and Aquarius).

If you have Gemini or Virgo prominent in your chart then you are likely to be especially sensitive to this transit.


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