Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mercury Trine Retrograde Neptune...

today in Kilmore at 6.48am. Mercury at 26 degrees and 11 minutes of Gemini - Retrograde Neptune at 26 degrees and 11 minutes of Aquarius.

Mercury, the planet of communication, messages, information, movement and connection with others in general joining with Retrograde Neptune (a very sensitive and intuitive energy) suggests that there will be much subtlety around us now that we will be able to pick up on. It is likely with the trine influence that nuances that we normally would have missed out on will be picked up, allowing us to get a deeper or more emotional understanding of our 'Neptune'.

Look to where Mercury and Neptune are right now through the transits, and also to which houses they rule to get an idea of where you can expect co-operation and the removal of barriers.


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