Friday, July 31, 2009

Mercury Opposing Retrograde Neptune...

today in Kilmore at 5.47pm. Mercury at 25 degrees and 33 minutes of Leo, Retrograde Neptune at 25 degrees and 33 minutes of Aquarius.

Mercury, the planet associated with logic and data connecting with Neptune, the planet associated with 'other realms' and 'gut instincts' can be a bit tricky to handle constructively. Although I personally don't think this is the best time to handle situations that require clear thinking, that would depend on your own chart overall. The combination of Mercury and Neptune through this opposition suggests to me that this is a better time for doing something creative, especially if you have any type of artistic ability... if not, try some good old-fashioned day-dreaming!

On another level, oppositions quite often mean that there is at least one other person involved in something going on right now - perhaps a person or situation that came into your life or consciousness in early March this year when Mercury and Neptune were conjunct at about 22 degrees of Aquarius. Now is the time to be able to look at this person/situation as objectively as you can.

Naturally, by looking at where the transiting planets are and which houses they rule you will get a better picture of what to look for!


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