Monday, July 27, 2009

Venus Trine Retrograde Jupiter...

today in Kilmore at 2.07pm. Venus at 24 degrees and 24 minutes of Gemini, Retrograde Jupiter at 24 degrees and 24 minutes of Aquarius.

MMMMmmmmmm... Venus and Jupiter meeting up like this reminds me of a candlelit dinner with a loved one! Venus is the planet of love, relating and also represents what is personally important to us; the trine removes barriers in a smooth way; and retrograde Jupiter suggests that we have the chance to return to an opportunity we thought we'd missed out on. Being in air signs suggests connection with others is an important part of this energy pattern since air signs are social.

Remember, as usual, to look at your own birth chart to see where this energy pattern is travelling through and also to the houses ruled by Venus (Taurus/Libra) and Jupiter (Sagittarius/Pisces).


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